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Everything happens in an instance.

Each company or organization sets up a Vocoli "instance" to generate surveys, to build a suggestion box, and to connect with the team.

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Empower employees to be vocal and contribute impactful ideas.

Organizations come in all shapes and sizes. But they all have one thing in common: people are their most important asset. However, statistics tell us that most workers are disengaged (over 70% of them according to Gallup), and are reluctant to push new ideas forward...whether that idea creates an operational efficiency or the next big thing.

In other words, an innovation.

But innovations come in all shapes and sizes too. Too often process and software have focused on only those big game changing innovations. No doubt that's important, but sometimes an innovation is a new process or way of doing things. It can happen in product development or the factory or HR or IT. We want to make sure all of those ideas have a chance to breathe, and can develop and flourish.

Through our flexible and easy-to-use platform, we inspire an innovative and intrapreneurial spirit in organizations that captures the voice of the workforce, and ensures great ideas don't get lost in a black-hole.

Make it easy. Make it available. Make it social. And most importantly, make it habit...and innovation will become part of your organization's DNA.


Vocoli is a Boston-based firm focused on making a better workplace through ideation and innovation programs. We believe the best solutions in companies come from the people doing the work. Through our digital employee suggestion box, we help companies engage their teams, gain customer insight, improve communication and capture great ideas that have impact.

We’re always seeking passionate, energetic and ambitious professionals who want to combine their curiosity, creativity and people skills to create something special. Areas of focus are product development, engineering, marketing and sales.

If you think you'd fit well within our fun and vibrant culture, please drop us a line at @_Vocoli or click the Contact link at the bottom of the page.


Vocoli is privately funded.

If you are an institutional or accredited investor, and are interested to learn more about Vocoli, please contact us through the link on the lower right of the screen.


Join us for Vocoli's monthly live demo. Vocoli's monthly demo is your chance to get a real-time view of our product, discover more about the platform and see what the Vocoli system can do for your team!

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