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Best of Vocoli 2015

Posted on December 14, 2015

It has been a big year for the Vocoli team. We've added lots of new, user-friendly features to make the platform even better, gained a lot of amazing clients and users, and created tons of great content. 2015 was a year of innovation, engagement and communication which are topics that will have a big impact on your business next year too! So, as our end of the year gift to you, we present you with the best of our content from 2015 to get your team in shape for a remarkable 2016!


1. Communicate

Let's be honest, no matter how good your team gets – communication is always going to be important to your company's success. Even the best teams can use a little fine-tuning in their internal communications. So, whether it is over communication, under communication, communication that doesn't lead to results or communication that leads to the wrong kind of results, read our best blogs on communication from this year here:


2. Evaluate

Employee evaluations are the bane of even the best leaders. Maybe you don't do them enough, maybe too much. Either way, odds are pretty good that your employees dread them as much as you do. But, if done correctly performance reviews can be something your entire team will want to work better towards, rather than run away from:


3. Manage

Managing employees today takes a completely different skill set than ever before. Management is no longer just about motivating, instructing and keeping a sector of your business running smoothly, it also takes a whole new level of one skill: adaptation. Great managers have always known the importance of adapting to their people and meeting them where they are. However, today's managers have to adapt their leadership styles to an ever-changing and far more diverse workforce. Managing a Millennial employee is not the same as managing a Baby Boomer, and in order to be successful, leaders will need to continue adapting their leadership style to their workforce:


4. Motivate

So, maybe you've mastered how to communicate with your team, and you're pretty good at evaluating them, heck, even managing your employees doesn't intimidate you – that's great! But, motivating today's workforce is a beast in and of itself. Some employees are only in it for the paycheck, others want to put blood, sweat and tears into your business, while others still are using your company as a stepping stone until something better comes along. So, how do you motivate a group with such vastly different desires?


5. Innovate

If 2015 business and leadership goals could be summed up in one word it would probably be innovation. Companies large and small have been obsessed with the buzzword and how to increase "innovative" ideas and problem solving from their employees all year long. But, trying to force employees who aren't motivated, well managed, appropriately evaluated or communicated with to be innovative is not only shortsighted but highly ineffective. So, don't jump full-force onto the innovation train until you're sure that your team is good and ready for it:


Well, that's it for us for 2015. We hope that your company finds value in the information we've included in this blog and we thank you for being a valued reader over the last year. May 2016 be a year full of happy, productive and engaged employees that help take your business to the next level through their fantastic innovations!

Happy New Year,

The Vocoli Team


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