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Friday Five: Building Your Best Team

Posted on June 13, 2014

It's hard to get the best employees when the war for talent is alive and well. Getting (and keeping) great team members can be done when you focus on creating an ideal environment to work in.

Job Hopping Millennials: Why Employers Accept this Trend


2 years max at one place and move on out seems to be the motto for most of America's workforce these days. It's almost expected for millennials and the younger generations just starting their careers to hop around to multiple jobs.

The bottom line is that you have to work to retain your employees. If they don't see growth opportunities within their current organization then they will definitely seek out new ones.

Spur Productivity and Retention With a More Strategic New Employee Onboarding Process

If you’re well along in your career I’m guessing that a decent majority of you have snoozed through a new hire orientation once or twice. Not exactly a great first impression of the company you just signed up to work for.

Employee Engagement starts from day one and you only really get one chance to get off on the right foot.

Four Dynamite Steps to Team Development


If your confused where to start then definitely take a look at this process: clarify, magnify, glorify, amplify.

It all starts with defining the culture and skills that you need and then matching employees up that will thrive in those positions. "As the saying goes, the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing."

Work-Life Balance: A Bad Concept That Ignores The Real Problem

"We spend more time working than we do any other activity in our life except sleeping" (well, for some :P.) There has been a lot of talk about the work-life balance and why it is crucial.

For those of you in the dark on this one, work-life balance: work is the part of the day that is a burden and life is where we get our happiness from. But why does work have to suck? Maybe we're thinking about it all wrong.

The real issue here is job fulfillment.

You want team members who are passionate about their careers and want to grow and learn. In order to find these people, you as an organization need to create an environment that is fulfilling and challenging. Like usually attracts like, the right people are out there.

How to Build a Resilient, Thriving Culture in Disruptive Times


Resiliency is a trait that is often overlooked when thinking about an ideal employee. However, when times do get tough it can be one of the most important qualities to keep your companies head above the water.

You want your team to be able to embrace change and be reliable when faced with adversity.

"Take a deep breath, get ready to stretch, because optimizing your potential and the potential of your people means unlearning much of what worked in the past and is irrelevant today."


Clearly attracting, hiring and keeping the perfect team is a lofty (but not unattainable) goal. Focusing more on the smaller day to day details (but don't forget about that big picture) can help nurture your team to greatness and keep them around for the long run.

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