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Checking the Pulse of Your Organization

Posted on June 25, 2015

What is the first thing a doctor does when he sees you? Either he or someone else takes your pulse. There's good reason for that - while it is not a perfect measure, taking someone's pulse gives an instant overview of his or her general health.

Organizations are no different. The general 'pulse' of an organization can be said to be the overall measure of employees' engagement in their work. In this fashion, a healthy pulse rate indicates workers are happy and productive while a low pulse rate indicates an apathetic and disengaged workforce.

The only problem is, unlike people, there is no easily identifiable vein to feel to gain an accurate reading of an organization's pulse. Getting this information can sometimes be difficult. "Don't shoot the messenger" is a saying because no one wants to be the bearer of bad news. As a consequence, leaders run the risk of getting trapped in a good news information bubble.

Asking a few trusted reports to get the pulse also doesn't work because the information can be skewed by personal agendas, office politics, or outright misreadings. It is also a deeply subjective question that can vary wildly from person to person - Carol in accounting may be much more engaged than Bob in IT. Which one of them should serve as the barometer?

Getting an accurate gauge would be much easier if managers had a tool to survey employees anonymously, aggregate the findings, and find a company-wide (or department specific) average. Fortunately, Vocoli software provides just such a function for our clients.

While primarily known as a digital employee suggestion program, we here at Vocoli know the first step in implementing any cure is first identifying the problem. Vocoli software helps managers discover weaknesses by giving them the ability to survey employees anonymously on questions such as "I know what is expected of me at work" and "I have the resources I need to do my work right."


Employees can respond to each of these questions using a 5 point scale from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree." Because the responses are confidential, employees can freely provide their honest feedback.


With a number value provided for each question, values can then be averaged together so managers can quickly and easily identify strengths and weaknesses. Vocoli software can then be used by leadership to issue "challenges" to employees to tackle identified weaknesses.

If, for example, the statement "I have the resources I need to do my work right" elicits a weak response, managers can issue a challenge to their team: "What can I, as a manager, provide to help you perform your job more effectively?" using Vocoli. The software then can be used to collect, rate, implement suggestions and then reward employees for their insight. Asking this question and acting on the feedback is, in fact, how Toyota became the world’s number one automaker.

In this way it's a one-two punch. Managers use Vocoli's pulse survey function to identify problem areas and then use the suggestion features to find and implement the solution. If it worked for Toyota, why not your organization?

If you are ready to check the pulse of your organization, call the Vocoli team today at 888.919.5300.

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