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The Friday Five: Chipotle is more than its guac-ed up to be

Posted on March 21, 2014

Don’t worry, we won’t say anything about the first day of “spring,” because it isn’t happening in Boston quite yet. We will however, share our favorite articles that we came across this week. Get ready for another riveting Friday Five.

How Chipotle Transformed Itself by Upending its Approach to Management

There are several good lessons in the article and Chipotle's company culture in general. The two main ones that jumped out to us were:

1. Every company is different; do what works for you. A little trial and error never hurt anyone.

2. Give employees opportunities to grow within your company; this promotes a great company culture and employee loyalty.

Chipotle believes that some of the best managers come right from their crew. Co-CEO Monty Moran created the concept of the restaurateur program which consists of hiring, rewarding, and empowering top performers. They create real goals at Chipotle that any employee can strive to accomplish. This makes for actively engaged employees and a company culture that can’t be beat.

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Yum city.

5 Painless Ways to Make Office Communication Less Frustrating

Another great list to “check yourself before you wreck yourself.” Many of us do these actions without even realizing they’re unproductive or annoying our co-workers. What this article brings to light is the delicate balance between communication, collaboration and productivity.

Of course you should be communicating with your team, but to a point. Cut back on the unnecessary interactions such as pointless meetings where half of the people don’t need to be there or never-ending, productivity sucking email chains. Many collaboration tools allow you to go email free; which cuts back on the pointless banter and highlights innovation. *Cough* Vocoli *Cough*

What Were Boston Athletes' First Tweets?

Twitter is turning 8-years-old this month. To celebrate, they’re allowing users to see what their first tweet was, as well as everyone else's first tweet. Speaking of productivity, don’t use this app at work you will easily be looking up first tweets of everyone and their second cousin Darla. Since we are a Boston based company, this article gave us a chuckle.

Hands down our favorite:

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“Being Bossy”

The campaign Ban Bossy caught our attention this week through the twitter chat #Nextchat, hosted by Society for Human Resource Management (which is hosted almost every Wednesday at 3pm EST.) It is intended to empower young girls to become leaders while raising awareness of the obstacles that women in the workforce face today.

In the #nextchat, there was a heated debate on whether or not the word bossy was a bad thing to be called. Many people argued that bossy meant that you were a take charge woman who didn’t let any obstacle get her way. Others believed that the word had a negative connotation and it was only really used when describing an overbearing woman.

So what do you think, embrace the word bossy or just plain be the boss?

Networking in the Internet Age: It’s Still About Building the Relationship

It’s pretty easy to hide behind your email account these days. However, when trying to network, especially when you are a job seeker, this isn’t always the best approach. Here are the things NOT to say:

“Hello sir this is XXXX. I just completed my engineering degree. If you have any opportunities, please let me know.”

“I would like to have a job with your company, please help me.”

“Mr. Ron, please review my resume and give me a job.”

So when it comes to building relationships in recruitment keep these things in mind: Do your research—is this a job that you even want to do? Do you have the right skill sets for this position? Show interest—did you read their most recent blog post? Maybe you both are interested in running? Be polite—make sure to touch base everyone once in a while. This could be following up with a phone call or a simple note.

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