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20 Shocking HR Statistics

From employee engagement to leadership ineffectiveness these fast facts are nothing to blink an eye at.

Posted on May 29, 2014

The world of human resources, and the nature of work in general, is quickly changing thanks to new attitudes about careers and technology. Take a look at this surprising statistics that spell out the trends.

It costs $7000 to replace a salaried employee, $10000 to replace a mid-level, & $40000 to replace a senior exec.—Recruiting Times Click to tweet!
$11 Billion is lost annually due to employee turnover—Bureau of National Affairs Click to tweet!
The average cost of replacing an employee is roughly 20% of their annual salary—Business News Daily Click to tweet!
70% of Sales Representatives will leave roles because of a poor relationship with management—DDI Click to tweet!
4 out of 10 employees have left their employer due to leadership ineffectiveness—DDI Click to tweet!
1 in 4 employees intend to jump ship within a year—Telework Research Network Click to tweet!
89% of employers think their people leave for more money, 12% actually do—Leigh Branham Click to tweet!
42.7% of resumes contained one or more significant Click to tweet!
32% of employees feel that their employer is not always honest and truthful—American Psychology Association Click to tweet!
More than half (53%) of employees are unsatisfied with employee recognition practices—American Psychology Association Click to tweet!
Out of 100 million people in America who hold full time jobs 70% are not engaged in their work—Gallup Click to tweet!
80% of those disengaged employees were dissatisfied with their direct manager—Dale Carnegie Click to tweet!
Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%--Gallup Click to tweet!
$2,541: the amount annually that each actively disengaged employee is costing your organization—Gallup Click to tweet!
54% of employees who were proud of their company’s contributions to society are engaged—Gallup Click to tweet!
Workers can waste more than 20 hours of company time per month thinking about personal finances. --Debt-Free America Click to tweet!
30% of executives say motivating their employees is their toughest challenge.--The Creative Group Click to tweet!
87% of employees say that working with a low performer has made them want to change jobs.--Leadership IQ Click to tweet!
93% of employees say that working with a low performer has decreased their productivity.--Leadership IQ Click to tweet!
Only 40% of the workforce knew about their company’s goals, strategies and tactics—Bain Click to tweet!
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