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Friday Five: Innovation Reigns Supreme

Posted on May 02, 2014

Companies are always changing and growing these days. With Snapchat and Facebook coming out with new innovative features this week, we decided to follow it up with an innovation themed Friday Five.

Five Mistakes Organizational Innovators Make

Part of innovation is failure because with failure you learn and improve your processes. However, there are some practices that should be avoided in general when it comes to innovating. Our two favorite points: don’t let “the way it’s always been” or fear of change interfere with innovation and once you do start innovating don’t forget the little things (like testing.) It’s easy to get carried away with an awesome idea but make sure that you have a plan and work out the functionality first.

The 7 Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

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Now that we’ve advised you with what not to do, here are a few tips from the king of innovation: Steve Jobs. His main message? Find your passion and pursue it constantly. In our constantly changing world innovation is almost necessary for a company to survive. Need some innovation inspiration? Just watch one of Jobs many speeches. Our personal favorite is the commencement address he gave at Stanford.

Can employees learn to be innovative?

We all want innovative employees but the question is: is it a trait you’re born with or can you learn how to be innovative? There is no one answer here but it definitely depends on the person. Your employees have to commit to becoming innovative and willing to take the steps to implement new ideas. “Getting people to think up new things is easy, getting them to do those things is the challenge.” So long as you as a manger are willing to encourage innovation, there will be employees who want to step up to the plate and develop those skills.

Infographic: 8 types of Workplace Zombies Devouring Your Productivity

“Stressed, panicked, and at the breaking point, zombies are invading your workplace and devouring your productivity.” Ok, not actual The Walking Dead type zombies but office zombies—whom I think might be worse. The trick is to spot these guys early on before you catch the zombie unproductive bug. This infographic helps identify the many types of workplace zombies that may be roaming your office halls.

5 Steps to Maximizing Your Team’s Work – and Productivity

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So maybe you do have zombies. How do you get your team to be productive when their feet are beginning to drag? There’s a fine line between “just checking in” and becoming a micromanager. Let your team do their job but make sure you keep them on track. This doesn’t mean checking in on them day in and day out but instead have a weekly status report and an open door policy for whenever they need guidance.

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