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Spring Release: Vocoli Product Updates

Posted on May 05, 2015

We've been hard at work improving our employee engagement and suggestion platform for our customers. We're delighted to share our spring release with you today so you can see how we're changing the future of work, one great new feature at a time.

1. Redesigned Contributor and the Expert Submission Detail Pages 

The Challenge: One major challenge with current tools in the employee engagement, HR tech, and innovation management industry is that they fail to offer varied experiences for different people in an organization. The entry-level employee with an idea for free employee lunch on Fridays is offered the same user interface in one enterprise social network as the seasoned manager with a goal of increasing employee retention in the Northeast region by 35% next year. With the Moderator controls we have added to our Vocoli platform, we allow companies to offer the right experiences to the right employees every time.

The Update: This update tailors the submission pages to two different levels -- Experts and Moderators -- which is key since the Moderator experience can be rather administrative in appearance and utilization, making the look and feel overwhelming to non-Moderators. See the before and after here.





The Benefit: A common struggle with employee engagement programs is actually getting people to USE the tool. Providing the right interface for every employee helps alleviate this problem, with granular settings and experiences for all levels of an organization.


2.   Enhanced Idea Writing Capabilities

The Challenge: Anyone who has worked for a large organization knows what it’s like to be under the microscope while trying to sell ideas internally. It’s not easy! It’s crucial to have every duck in a row, do steadfast research, and present recommendations in as coherent a way as possible. The same concept is true for employee suggestions.

The Update: Our idea writing update, new this quarter, solves this problem in two ways. First, users can now edit and save ideas from submission detail pages. Prior to this release, if an idea was in draft or collaboration mode, then the contributor would have to go back into the "create idea wizard" and resubmit the idea. With this update, the contributor can do all of this quickly without ever having to leave the submission page.

We also improved how a Contributor clarifies an idea. Now when a clarification request is sent to a Contributor, they have the option of either responding with a quick clarification answer, or by viewing an idea in edit mode and resubmitting it.

Once resubmitted, the Contributor is then prompted to include a brief description of what sections have been edited or improved. This improves things on both the contributor side and the expert side, as it's easier to track the conversation that takes place when trying to clarify an idea and when and what things were fixed.


The Benefit: Whether your employees are suggesting “small” changes, like new printer ink brands, or broad-sweeping organizational shifts like a company pivot, we want intrapreneurs who desire to express new ideas to have the tools they need to do just that. We want them to be able to get feedback, gain buy-in, and lead the charge of innovation at their companies with their own suggestions. All of this begins with the ability to easily and conveniently submit those game-changing ideas!

Are you a Vocoli customer? Let us know what you think about these new features. Email me, Jes, your new Client Services Manager with any questions or comments at If you aren't using Vocoli for your employee suggestion program yet (and why is that exactly? :) ) and these features strike some interest, please email us today at We'd love to give you a tour.

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