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Vocoli Fall Roll-out

Big Changes Hit the Vocoli Platform this Fall

Posted on November 19, 2015

At Vocoli, we've always strived to create a platform that gives everyone in an organization a voice. After countless hours of research (and lots of feedback from our customers) we’ve learned that the BEST ideas don’t always come from the top. Stakeholders at every level of your organization have great ideas that impact the business. That’s why we decided to completely revamp our Vocoli user roles to better reflect this mentality around employee engagement and communication.

Goodbye “Experts”

Prior to our Fall Update, Vocoli featured a user type coined “Experts” who were more often than not existing department leaders in an organization who were called upon to review ideas and decide if they should be pursued. In most cases, the moderator of the program decided who the experts were. However, we felt this was overlooking the value that employees outside of leadership have on providing insight or expertise to an idea.

So, goodbye “Experts” hello “Evaluators” . . .

In their new role, Evaluators are still responsible for weighing in on ideas and offering insights that make an employee’s contribution a reality within the company. Like Experts, Evaluators will also be able to create challenges, which are targeted problems that already exist in the organization, that Contributors are tasked with solving.

Hello “Evaluators”

The biggest problem that traditional organizations face in effective communication are creating silos, where information is kept within one group and not shared with others. Compounding this is the problem of too much hierarchy and not enough collaboration between staff-level, middle management and the C-suite. Vocoli, once again, wants to change this. We believe that in successful companies, communication is multi-dimensional (horizontal AND vertical) so, we have decided to allow our Contributors to weigh-in on ideas as Evaluators as well.

To encourage your users to challenge themselves, we believe that allowing them to be Evaluators on ideas will further drive innovation and success with your innovation program. To support this change, we have adjusted the “Assign an Evaluator/Expert” page slightly. Now, upon the acceptance of an idea, the Moderator simply clicks “Assign” and can type any user’s name into the box under “Assign Evaluator/Expert” we’ve also included a message box to notify users as to why they’ve been chosen for the project.

At Vocoli we are always looking for new ways to adapt our program to constantly challenge our users to think and create in more innovative ways. We hope that the new features we have rolled out this fall will challenge your team to do just that.

And if you have questions about our new features, or would like to know about getting your team to innovate better, contact the Vocoli team at 888.919.5300.

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