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15 Employee Engagement Program Tips You've Got to See

Posted on October 27, 2014

Getting buy-in to start an employee suggestion program and actually launching one is a huge accomplishment. But, that's only half the battle. Employee suggestion program managers have to go above and beyond to promote the programs internally and get workers to use it.

Below, we offer a few tips we've learned from customers that will help managers achieve exactly that.

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1. When starting an employee suggestion program, first try a pilot group with a smaller audience to get the ball rolling #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

2. If you want your employees to speak up more try having an open office policy, that way they come to you whenever ideas arise #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

3. Get started with innovation in your organization by launching a "fresh ideas month" or "new improvements fall" #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

4. When starting a campaign make sure to clearly define the problem, that way you will get more specific solutions #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

5. Have an employee suggestion that was successful? Publicize it so people understand the importance of suggestion programs #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

6. Onboarding is key when adopting any new technology or program, promote it with an introduction video with your CEO #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

7. Consider ALL ideas submitted to your suggestion program, they may not work but they may have identified an important problem #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

8. When an employee comes to you with an idea, feedback should be given asap. Its encouraging and they'll come back with more #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

9. Start small when implementing new ideas. Moving too quickly can overwhelm people who haven't seen change #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

10. The simplest problems can cost you time and money. Encourage your employees to share if they see a better process #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

11. Have a specific problem? Try running a campaign for ideas to source solutions from your team members #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

12. Set the standard that everyone has 2 jobs. The one they were hired for and the one where they seek to improve the organization (Tweet this!)

13. Set a target/goal for all employees to submit a certain amount of suggestions per year #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

14. Start an innovation or improvement committee, they can help get the ball rolling with employee suggestions #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)

15. Have a suggestion campaign where there is a different theme every month (i.e. May is Management Efficiencies Month) #VocoliTips (Tweet this!)


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