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How Your Work Week Affects Your Weekend Mood

Posted on August 31, 2015

The weekend is considered a time to unplug, relax and spend time with family and friends away from all things "work" but what most people don't realize is that what we do Monday through Friday directly impacts how enjoyable (or not!) our weekends are. . .

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How Much Turnover is Too Much? How Much Too Little?

Posted on August 27, 2015

Employee turnover is a constant theme plaguing annual boardroom meetings, HR departments and leadership teams across the U.S. - how much is too much? Is low turnover a good thing, or maybe a constant flow of new employees can help establish a fresh perspective . . .

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The View from the Top & Bottom: Why Command-and-Control Companies Fail

Posted on July 17, 2015

The world watched in amazement when, in December of 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed into 15 separate countries. The great social experiment's failure marked the triumph of capitalism and the free market over socialism and central planning. But, looking at many American companies today, over 20 years later, and one can see the Soviet command-and-control management style is alive and well. . .

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Checking the Pulse of Your Organization

Posted on June 25, 2015

 The general 'pulse' of an organization can be said to be the overall measure of employees' engagement in their work. In this fashion, a healthy pulse rate indicates workers are happy and productive while a low pulse rate indicates an apathetic and disengaged workforce.

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How the Right Change Management Tool Can Benefit Every Member of Your Organization

Posted on May 27, 2015

It's true in every organization - different departments and roles have different goals and objectives. However, in well functioning organizations, these groups put their differences aside and work together to fulfill mutually agreed upon goals. In dysfunctional organizations, these groups are at odds with one another, to the detriment of the company as a whole. . .

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2014 HR & Talent Management Predictions

Posted on December 31, 2013

2013 proved that even with a slow-moving economic recovery, it’s still hard to find (and keep) good talent.

Finding the right people, at the right time, with the right skills is a never-ending battle. We’ve researched human resource predictions around the web and compiled our favorites. Not to miss out on the party, we threw out a few game-changing 2014 predictions of our own.

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The Employee Engagement Trend

Posted on November 29, 2013

Successful employee engagement is the result of small, incremental behavior and cultural changes. Fostering an environment that encourages participation and cooperation keeps employees wanting more.

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